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 Antimatter Roleplay Backup

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PostSubject: Antimatter Roleplay Backup   Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:00 pm

1.) No trolling. You can fake troll if you want.
2.) All "adult" bad words should have at least 3 characters censored.
3.) Solve arguments peacefully.
4.) Sporum rules still apply.

First Time You Break the Rules: Warning, no consequence.
Second Time: A report, but no banning.
Third Time: Your name goes under the banned list, and depending on the situation, I might contact SporeMasters. I am very cooperative with them.
Any Time After That: Automatic SM report.

If you are banned, your name goes under here, meaning you are not welcome here. This section is so serious, the banner doesn't even have a clicky, and I don't make any random jokes. If you anger any of us, or even me, you will be banned.

1. Hjunix

It's the year 9001. An evil organization known as the Lordz have erased all memories from the world in the year 9000, to celebrate the coming of over nine thousand years of existence. Eventually, the Lordz became The Lords of the Galaxy Who Has An Extremely Long Name but Nobody Seems to Care Anyway (TLOTGWHAELNBNSTCA for short).

The galaxy is in chaos. Nobody uses correct grammar any more and replaces all the "s"s with "z"s. The universe was never the same. Sporebucks becamse Zporebuckz. Spode because Zpode. And ghostofillusion because ghostofilluzion. It was madness. Actually, it was Sparta.

Then, a pointless question was asked. It lightened the universe, it created life, it knocked 42 right off the board.

Quote :

The great question was asked, and the galaxy was shocked. Soon, it became mass news. The entire worlds were rolling over the floor, laughing. But something was wrong. All across the universe, the screams of the forsaken could be heard. Bodies were mutilated, limbs were flying, and the whole galaxy was in chaos. Why?


All across the galaxy, Anti-McDonaldz were being created. And they didn't serve anything. The only item they served was the Anti-Zomdie-Cheezburgur. Now for only $19.95!

But, you get one free for every "I can haz anti-Cheezberger" Coupon! Only available at retail stores.

Now the DarkMatter Resistance was formed. Made up of the dumbest and most inexperienced people you will ever meet, they have set out to find the cure of dark matter, unlock its mysteries, save the galaxy and most importantly, find Chuck Norris' evil twin:

Dark Morris.

Zombies made of anti-matter, aka Anti-Zomdies are being controlled by the Lordz, who are now the ultimate rulers of the galaxy. Nothing makes sense. And you have to stop that. By making less sense.

Don't forget to bookmark this as "Teh Most Epikest Rol Pway Eva!!!1"





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Posts : 505
Join date : 2010-02-20
Age : 23
Location : I'm a ninja. I'm right in front of you.

PostSubject: Re: Antimatter Roleplay Backup   Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:00 pm

alpacaman/Name: Colonel Moon Cheez
IQ: Probably more than -3
Comment/Tagline: I liek Moon cheeze bcuz teh tast iz aztronomical.
Personality: Confused, discombobulated, Moon cheez addict, but he is one heck of a Colonel. He's got mad skillz to use against the anti-zomdies from Anti-McDonalds who serve the Anti-Annunaki who will come in 2102 to take over da wurld.
Appearance:He looks a lot like McArthur: Military cap, mustache, uniform, usually holding a piece of Moon cheez.

VampiressTrinity/name: Dr. Pepper
IQ: -2222222.12
comment: All your base are belong to the antimatterz
Personality: Faints at the sight of blood even though she is a doctor. She freaks at sneezes, hicups, and coughs afraid of disease.
Looks: Carries bandaids and bone sawz. Wears a white scrub.

GrandHox/name: Slrpyohhanoobz
IQ: -118118
comment: i iz da noobz king i likez ma ogangez and chuc norriz.

ghostofillusion/Name: Commander Chief Dude
IQ (negative numbers ONLY): -9,001.
Comment/Tagline: "taglin3z r stoopid olololo"
Personality: Full of anger, not afraid to speak his mind. Hates the anti-zomdies after they perma-banned his fiance, Excalibur.
Appearance: Always wearing a military commander suit, even though he's not really a commander.

zardgex/Name: Hjuknick-Knock
IQ (negative numbers ONLY): -500 wut?
Comment/Tagline: "Grow up, I'm 38 years old!"
Personality: Very dumbz, very ztupid
Appearance:An nine year old monkey (in human yearz)

x_darkhero_x/Name: Dekut
IQ (negative numbers ONLY): -24834
Comment/Tagline: Something ending with piii! That's what Deku scrubs often end sentences with.
Personality: Erm... Can I build this in the IC?
Appearance: Deku link, only with clothing out of leaves ant bendable twigs. And the hair is also out of leaves

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Antimatter Roleplay Backup
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