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 CSE Backup Thread

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CSE Backup Thread Empty
PostSubject: CSE Backup Thread   CSE Backup Thread I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 25, 2010 6:12 pm

Rules: M2
Captains: M3
Editors: M4
Members: M5
Banned list: M6
Sponsers: M7
Waiting List: M8
Form: M9
Mass Request list: MD
Examples of our work: MC
Community Section: C1
Sig Shop main hub: S1

Un-Satisfied Customers: none

Edit: Banner finished, made by Orthidostiss and myself EDIT2: Banners now on a rotator! EDIT3: Another banner by JRsilverfoxx! Thnx!

CSE Backup Thread RogueGrox2

We are OPEN for buissiness.

M1:Hi there and welcome to the CSE (Cortex Space Engineers). This is a new club for beginner to intermediate creators of vehicles/buildings to have fun, build some stuff, improve your skills, and more. We accept requests to build stuff for you(free of charge.) such as vehicles and buildings. This is a good way for the newer creators to hone their skills. At first the stuff might not be perfect but over time the members will become better and the stuff will have better quality. If you want to join, pm me a pic of one of your buildings and vehicles(the best you have made) and if your skill level matches the range we are looking for, you will receive a pm informing you that you are in. We ONLY accept BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE CREATORS so that they can hone their skills.EDIT: Anyone can join. Edit2: Also please include the parts packs that you own, if you own all just say all or say all but ____ If you do not fit here I will have to reject you Sad Also, I have decided that more master creators can join as editors if a customer is unsatisfied with their creation and as a Captain.

1. No spamming,trolling, or flaming. You will be suspended or banned.
2. No offencive creations(though you already should have known that.)
3. Don't complain if your request doesn't live up to standards. If you want it redone, ask the author of it nicely and he/she will either try to fix it, leave it, or give it up to a more experienced creator that has joined.
4. You will be judged out of 10 ranks(5 to beginner and 5 to intermediate) once you become better than intermediate, you will become a captain(unless you leave or get banned.).

Leader Tag:
CSE Backup Thread Xqkhoo
Leaders and Captains put this in their sig.
want to be a captain? pm me and I will try to get back to you ASAP.



kylelck- Level 9- only accepts vehicles, specializes in military land.
Cryotoad203- Lelvel 5- accepts any requests.Specializes in spire type buildings, spacecraft, and military/colony land vehicles.
scott08-Level 9-specilizes in creatures, accepts any editor requests.
dragospir- Level 7- specializes in whismical creations.
thedbunch- Level 6- specializes in realistic animals and cool vehicles. Does NOT accept human requests(no asking him/her to make a human)
Trickatel/bobmarleyrulz - Level 7 - specilizes in building and spaceship editors. Trick and bob are the same person with 2 different accounts.
M5000- Level 10 - Good at: Building sci-fi vehicles, all vehicles editors, save water vehicle editors for the most part. I suck at water.. >_>. Best at spaceships, especially capital and fighters and wheeled and hovering land vehicles. I am also very good with painting or retaining myself to a set style. I am relatively skilled in the building editor and can make hallways relatively well, for more complex geometry, I am unconfident but could probably pull it off. As for creatures, I can make convincing humanoid forms with complex details that look real, I am skilled at sculpting muscles and body features and outfitting for sci-fi. I am much better at sci-fi rather than DnD so I request Sci-Fi related commissions. I will default non-spaceship vehicles to the colony editor unless otherwise specified, and all airplane-related entries into the space editor unless otherwise specified.
SilverScimitar - Level 6 - Specializes in vehicle editors, not so great in building.
MobsterMania - Level 9 - Specializes in all requests(sci-fi, maybe best?) accepts any requests.
Drew980 - Level 4 - Specializes in creatures, buildings and tanks. NO SPACESHIPS.
Ferreta - Level 3 - specializes in creature and outfitter.
irishpirate262 - Level 6 - specializes in creatures, improving on spaceships.
The_N - Level 6 - specializes in creatures.
OmegaZero - Level 5 - Specializes in ground and air military, and space.
thehippopotamus - Level 9 - Specializes in vehicles.
read the red text for details on how to join.
All members should put this in their sigs:
New Member Tags:
CSE Backup Thread 30136gw
Members only tag.

M6The Banned:
Hjunix - Need much be said?
spinus - Spammed 140+ IMA FIREN MAH LAZOR Youtube's at a spammer.
know a spammer that's not on this list? PM me and I will add them ASAP

The Ye Olde Clan(YOC):CSE Backup Thread 500563324967_lrg
The YOC is a new group focusing on the classic stuff such as goblins, witches, dragons, and more!
They are focusing on mythological creatures, medieval buildings, and beings such as werewolves, vampires etc. If you want some amazing medieval done for you, go check them out at: The YOC is captained by JIMJUM.

Emoticones is no longer a sponser as they have been locked.

CSE Backup Thread 500573714314
Quote :
What is this exactly? A project that I have been working with for a little while now. It all started when I made a Caption Me! creature creation I call Sporenalities, as a way for players to be creative with their comments. My comment count went up dramatically and I had a new addiction for creating. The basic idea is to create a creature fully and easy to pose and that has all or most of its detail in the head and face (mouth part) allowing for easy posing of the head. Using the invisible limbs trick can add some really cool ideas as well for these creations. Once thinking they needed to be facing the Thumbnail Camera, I recently learned a better way to produce some of the other projects that are included as a part of this one.

The ZDA Undiscovered Club
CSE Backup Thread 500551957105_lrg
The ZDA is a new club focusing on getting undicovered creators some well deserved attention. Click on the mascot to go to the ZDA.

Spaceship Rendering Services
The SRS is a new area to get your in-game pics of vehicles rendered, to be made into an awesome sig.

Vibrant Colors Contest

CSE Backup Thread VibrantColorsContestBanner2-1
This is a very interesting contest, it's half create-off, and half empire, very fun, I recommend it highly.

M8To keep things going, we will accept only 10 requests at a time.

Waiting List:
1. DudeManta-any artists who would want to. Page 14, post 2 MASS REQUEST
10.want your new building/vehicle? Reserve your spot now!

We will do our best to get your request to you within a week-two weeks. We will inform you if we need more time.

Oh yeah... the form:

M9:editor it's made in(building,military land etc.)
Purpose(looks,speed,power etc.)
color scheme(checkered red and white etc.)
And any aditional info is apreciated.

You could just tell us what style you want(futureistic,old,modern etc.) and we will do the rest!

Mass requests are requests that have many different requests within, we only accept one at a time. PM me once you have something from it done so I can check it off.
1. DuneManta:
The space ships can be made in the building or spaceship editor.

Vehicles required: 4 different battleships, 6 different cruiser size, 6[RG EDIT]4, 3 more red ones, one more blue[/RGEDIT] different frigate size, destroyed versions of command ships still needed

1 white/blue single person craft built for power

Half of red/black built to be fast, other half powerful. Same for white/blue

additional info: please also make a "destroyed" version of every ship


Examples of my work:
CSE Backup Thread 500556870952_lrg
CSE Backup Thread 500556499986_lrg

Examples of Members Work:
CSE Backup Thread 500575488391_lrg
CSE Backup Thread 500569361452_lrg
CSE Backup Thread 500447679370_lrgCSE Backup Thread 500388383229_lrg
CSE Backup Thread 500557545825_lrg CSE Backup Thread 500552454319_lrg
CSE Backup Thread 500552697505_lrg CSE Backup Thread 500559159659_lrg
CSE Backup Thread 500565739061_lrg CSE Backup Thread 500567383820_lrg
CSE Backup Thread 500562903255_lrg CSE Backup Thread 500573707533_lrg
CSE Backup Thread 500570517345_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500564467533_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500561966423_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500551339112_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500551356633_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500545159490_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500512409980_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500512184966_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500565289338_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500528292175_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500572672801_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500571564080_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500570995468_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500571105769_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500573752952_lrg
CSE Backup Thread 500569332035_lrg
CSE Backup Thread 500565603479_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500575259578_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500563549149_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500563544467_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500563198437_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500563199265_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500554377607_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500577991644_lrgCSE Backup Thread 500573267810_lrgCSE Backup Thread 500567170265_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500567978463_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500581718141_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500567948382_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500567862398_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500554188435_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500553707149_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500581800108_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500563398527_lrg
CSE Backup Thread 500573365021_lrg
CSE Backup Thread 500576864841_lrg
CSE Backup Thread 500576864837_lrg
CSE Backup Thread 500582574372_lrg
CSE Backup Thread 500583893811_lrg
CSE Backup Thread 500581331927_lrg

CSE Backup Thread 500484294718_lrg
CSE Backup Thread 500551269801_lrg

CSE Backup Thread ZBS24ScavengerDroneCSE Backup Thread ZBS24HeavyAssaultTank
CSE Backup Thread BattleshipWinterCamo

Quote :
Made to save the OP of the once great, CSE

Last edited by RogueGrox on Wed Aug 25, 2010 2:33 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Needed to back up the OP again.)
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CSE Backup Thread
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