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 Chatbox Rules and commands(Important)

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Chatbox Rules and commands(Important) Empty
PostSubject: Chatbox Rules and commands(Important)   Chatbox Rules and commands(Important) I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 15, 2010 10:36 am

Rules for the chatbox:

•No Flaming
•No Spamming
•No Harassing
•No Threatening
•No videos
•No large pics
•No large copy-pasted text blocks
•Obey Mod's/Admin's commands
•No Swearing

Chat commands
Chatbox Rules and commands(Important) 2rxhcvk - Bold
Chatbox Rules and commands(Important) Pvloo - Italics
Chatbox Rules and commands(Important) 2u6p5c8 - Underline
Chatbox Rules and commands(Important) 13z8pco - Strikethrough
Chatbox Rules and commands(Important) 154bt52 - Choose a smiley
Chatbox Rules and commands(Important) 23k6ooj - Change your text color

Move post from left to right
[scroll]text goes here[/scroll]
Should appear as
Text goes here

Move post from bottom up
[updown]text goes here[/updown]
Should appear as:
Text goes here

/away(/abs) - Make yourself away
/away test
Should appear as
(your name here) is away: test

/exit - Exit the chatbox
/exit test
Should appear as
(your name) has been Disconnected on (Date/time): test

/me - talk in third person
/me has a taco
Should appear as
*(Your name here) has a taco

[spoiler]Text goes here[/spoiler]
Should appear as

Pressing enter without anything in the post line will refresh the page to clear up lag.

Mod/Admin only commands
-These commands can be used only by a moderator of the chatbox.

/kick followed by a user- kicks a user in the chatbox
/kick John
Should appear as
John has been kicked by (The Mod/Admin's name)

/ban followed by user - Bans a chatbox user
/ban John
Should appear as
John has been banned by (Mod/Admin's name)

/unban followed by user - Unbans a banned Chatbox user
/unban John
Should appear as
John has been unbanned by (Mod/Admin's name)

/clear - Clears the archives of the chatbox
Should a appear as
Messages cleared by (Mod/Admin's name)

Admin only commands

/mod followed by user - Grants Moderator status to user.
/mod John
Should appear as
Moderator status given to John by (Admin's name) or something like that

/unmod followed by user - Takes away moderator status from a mod
/unmod John
Should appear as
Moderator status withdrawn to John by (Admin's name) or something like that

Be sure to read this before using the chatbox.

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Chatbox Rules and commands(Important) ThobewillChatbox Rules and commands(Important) Es_use10
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Chatbox Rules and commands(Important)
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