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PostSubject: ParadoxChild   ParadoxChild I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 24, 2010 4:16 pm

The young boy had been crying for hours. Crying spit, Tears, Mucus, Urine, Blood, so many long hours. We'll call this boy Unknown. He had been crying because he was never born. His father had used a paradox Machine to kill himself because he now thought it was wrong to marry his former, now False, wife. He was spotted by the Lab guards and was thrown into a dimly lit cylander-shaped container, where he cried something not even a lab-janitor could evn imagine. He cried something poisonous. He cried the stuff we would call here "Paradox Juice". It starts out wet, turns into a parastic foam and inhabits the body, turning into a gelatin, filling in the pores, the cracks he left behind, with strange, different, Alien DNA. That's when Unknown's Transformation began. The container was filled with a liquidy-slime. Unknown's Eyes grew. Turned Darker and darker until they were black. His skin paled. His memories: rewritten. He grew an extremely long tail. His limbs and fingers: Lengthened. His ears: tightened and pointed. His cranium: grew larger. The door unlocked. He was invisible inside. He was hiding. The door swung open, and Unknown stood there. Pure white skin, jet-black eyes, long fingers, thin body. He walked out, shook off slime, and jumped out a window, into a bush, no privates(at least, none visible, luckily, heh.) They found nohing under the bush except for a suspicious looking pile of extremely compact dirt. Meanwhile, Unknown was digging furiously until he hit something hard: A restaurant called "Rare". This is New York City. He dug upwards, and stole a few bites, and ran for it, his new, long whiplike tail screaming in the air as he whipped alongside buildings. He felt thirsty. Thisrty for Blood. He felt, as well, Lonesome. He needed family. And family He got.

Unknown is now a Paradox Child, a mutant human which is born from Paradox Juice infection. He turned into something you could call a "Chaos Child," A demonic Paradox Child which is the 99% majority of Paradox Children. The Other 1% is a "Cellseeker" one who killed his own parent or ancestor, and became a paradox him/herself. If she/he was a Parent, his/her child/children would become Paradoxes. Cellseekers are confined to their cylanders for much longer, and if a parent, with their kin, but escape through the bottom, tunneling down. They'd tunnel all to Midtown New York. They'd follow the One-Train Path, crawling alongside as did Unknown. Both types are Paradox Children, all Wanting to help each other: Destroy humanity. But there's a catch... They are easy to catch when asleep. But still, all Paradox Children have ways of escape...


1.) Paradox Children are unique to each other in every way, except for long limbs, pure white skin, black eyes, and a large head.
2.) No godmodding.
3.) No powerplaying.
4.) Be realistic.
5.) Posts should have proper spelling and grammar.
6.) No insta-kill.
7.) Keep posts PG-13.
8.) Se* is allowed, but under my permission. Well, ask me first! You first gotta hold hands or become friends mushily!
9.) Have Fun!
10.) Obey these Rules.


Paradox Child
Name: make it something like "Deformed", or "Surreal", or "Cataclysm". Name has to reflect on description!
Description: Really detailed!
How you became a Paradox Child:
Writing Sample:
Main Bio:
Main emotions:

(Pitiful) Human
Writing Sample:
Main Emotions:

Map of Manhattan
ParadoxChild Manhattan-map

And our Sig!
ParadoxChild Thefalsehoods

My Form:

Name: Unknown
Age: 17
Gender: M
Description: Read The OP for what he looks like.
How you became a Paradox Child: see OP.
Writing Sample: Unknown quickly slid under the tracks as the subway came to stop. He didn't have time to pull out his stuck tail, so the subway ran over it as if it were nothing. He hissed at the sting. "I should have raised my tail..." He complained to himself. As the subway left, he blew the burnmark that was left by the brakes of the train, and ran to the back of the car and hitchhiked up to the museum. This is a risk he'd have to take on...
Main Bio: Unknown is a ravenous eater, and a creature that defies all known life. Hence the Name, Unknown. He is always up for it, and will protect his family of Paradox Children for the rest of his life time, 984 more years.
Main emotions: Hateful, Sorrow, Painful, Happiness, Satisfaction.
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PostSubject: Re: ParadoxChild   ParadoxChild I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 26, 2010 6:36 am

You have some pretty good ideas, Grox.

You should go back to the Sporum where people will see them and you might get some attention. Joining RPs is a good plan, too.

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