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 LBP2 Contents Thread

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PostSubject: LBP2 Contents Thread   LBP2 Contents Thread I_icon_minitimeTue May 11, 2010 8:03 am

I'm pretty sure most of you guys are extremely excited about the gaming evolution, LittleBigPlanet 2, that's hitting the shelves this winter.

LBP2 Contents Thread News-lbp2-announce

So I thought I'd give you guys a little heads up on what's going to be in this "platform for games". Please note that this is only the information that Mm provided on the LBP2 site (the same site where I found the video).

WARNING: This information may cause: Passing out due to the awesomeness, jittering, getting LBP2 stuck to your mind, vomiting, seizures, and excessive talking about LBP2. Same things apply to the video.


A Handmade Arcade

LBP2 Contents Thread Feature-handmade

A powerful new set of tools awaits you, tools that vastly widen the scope of possibility, and that hand you the power to create WHOLE GAMES.

Through a familiar but revamped Popit, you can bring your characters to life, compose your own music, direct cinematic masterpieces, wire controllers directly in to your contraptions, connect easy to use switches, microchips and circuit boards to build epic bosses, vehicles, machines, and puzzles.

Make your wildest dreams come true, yes, even that one.

Our Grandest Handmade Adventure

LBP2 Contents Thread Feature-adventure

Bring your little Sackperson on a brand-spanking-new adventure, wrought with mild, and possibly even pant-wetting peril, and spanning an entire cosmos of tomfoolery...

Happy that no more demands are being made to him after his successful adventure to return sharing to LittleBigPlanet, it’s all going swimmingly for Sackboy... That is, until a some kind of inter-dimensional, hyper-spatial, 1800 watt Vacuum Cleaner appears in the skies, causing quite the ruckus and sucking Sackboy up into its musty bowels. All jolly sinister and most inconvenient.
Happily, a jolly nice fellow named Larry Da Vinci intervenes and rescues him from what has come to be known as The Sucker. Da Vinci, it turns out, is in charge of “The Alliance”, a semi-secret, semi-organised group devoted to fighting The Sucker before it destroys the whole Cosmos.

You’re about to get recruited, I’ll bet my teeth! A grand adventure is afoot, with a butt-load of new themes, toys, enemies and all manner of shenanigans.

One Big Community

LBP2 Contents Thread Feature-community

2 Million levels ready to play.

LittleBigPlanet is a manifested embodiment of your perfect dream world. It’s all about your imagination, and your creativity and to date you’ve filled it with over 2 million levels.

LittleBigPlanet 2 is part of that very same dream world, it’s all one big ever-expanding cheese-stuffed-crust community, which means each and every one of those two million creations will be yours to play, right out of the box, along with everything you’ve already collected or built in LittleBigPlanet.

Play, Create, Share and Discover

LBP2 Contents Thread Feature-share

With two million creations out there, and millions more to come, it’s important that you’re able to find the experience you’re looking for. We’ve expanded Share to enhance your ability to discover exactly what you want to find.

We’ve given the searching system a total overhaul, and we’ve added Activity Streams so you can follow your friends and hearted creators to see what they’e getting up to, helping you unearth all the top notch playable nuggets that are popping into existence all around you.

A new web portal will give every single LBP creation its own home on the web, with a page for every creator and every level. Browse creations online to find fab levels, add them to your queue to play later on, check photos, comments, leader-boards, create and share playlists, and easily promote your levels and games wherever you might hang out online.

I smell a revolution.


Everything You Need To Make Your Own Game

With our new toolset in your little burlap hands, you’ll have all the ingredients of a great game laid out before you, waiting for you to stew them up into something nutritious.

Lovable Characters

LBP2 Contents Thread Feature-sackbots

Add life to your levels by dropping in a couple of Sackbots, then tweak ‘em to fit your purpose: style, shape, resize and dress them up nice, and then bring them to life with digital puppetry; either choosing their behaviour or recording your own. Sackbots can be friends or foes, robots or zombies... whatever you need them to be.

Cinematic Masterpieces

LBP2 Contents Thread Feature-cutscenes

You no longer have to be an academy award winning film maker to build great game cinematics (although it will help it has to be said.) New cinematic tools make it pretty darn simple to wheel in a couple of cameras into your level, choose the angles, zoom in, make it pan, sweep, fade out, or other technically named camera moves, and then string them all together to tell a story... With these tools there’s no need to stop at cut scenes either; combine the new cameras with Sackbots and you could create music videos, short films or even entire movies. You’re going to be a box office smash.

Your Own Controls

LBP2 Contents Thread Feature-control

Open up the guts of the Controller by placing a Direct Control Seat into the world, popping up its controller shaped circuit board, and wiring the buttons to whatever you like - switches, motors, sound objects... Your vehicles and creations can behave exactly the way you want them to, or you can just wire up all the controls to various burping noises to make a crude instrument. With Direct control you can take Sackboy out of the picture, and make a game that doesn’t even remotely resemble ours. Your very own handmade arcade.

Intelligent Machines, Bosses, Puzzles and Vehicles

LBP2 Contents Thread Feature-microchips

LittleBigPlanet allowed you to string together vast piston-fuelled logic systems to control your bosses,vehicles, puzzles and machines. We’ve taken that system and simplified it to save on effort, space, thermometer load, and allow for far more advanced setups.

Circuit boards are your new friends, the very best friends you’ll ever have. You can resize them, cover them in all manner of switches, wire it all up, and then shrink it down to a tiny, tiny microchip... stick that on your creation, and give it all the logic you’ve just defined.

Remember that insane calculator level, made up of hundreds of pistons? You can fit that entire thing into one microchip.

Grin-Inducing Power-Ups

LBP2 Contents Thread Feature-powerups

Since the dawn of game, power-ups, enhancements and special abilities have enabled video game characters to go that extra mile, faster, bigger, and better equipped than they’d otherwise be. So what great game would be complete without them?

We’ve crammed in a whole bunch of new things for Sackboy to play around with, including a swell Grappling Hook, and nifty Bounce-pads for springy-flippy action. We’ve also got a few surprises up our fashion-conscious sleeves, so watch out!

Last time, you took a disc of 50 levels, and did more than we could ever imagine,
so we simply can’t wait to see what you do with this."

LBP2 Contents Thread Kdcfounder
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PostSubject: Re: LBP2 Contents Thread   LBP2 Contents Thread I_icon_minitimeTue May 11, 2010 3:56 pm

Well, there goes the TV show and movie market.

LBP2 Contents Thread Kdcnewb1 Taco
Sigs by Thobewill, ghostofillusion, and sciocont
LBP2 Contents Thread Gm
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PostSubject: Re: LBP2 Contents Thread   LBP2 Contents Thread I_icon_minitimeTue May 11, 2010 8:01 pm

The new issue of Game Informer has some info. I'll edit this post with some later on.
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PostSubject: Re: LBP2 Contents Thread   LBP2 Contents Thread I_icon_minitimeWed May 12, 2010 7:49 am

yeah, it says you can dress up the sackbots
you could dress them up like army men and lead an army
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PostSubject: Re: LBP2 Contents Thread   LBP2 Contents Thread I_icon_minitime

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LBP2 Contents Thread
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