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 The VCC Scout Vehicle Challenge!

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PostSubject: The VCC Scout Vehicle Challenge!   Tue May 04, 2010 8:27 am

This topic is dedicated to holding contests within the VCC. The VCC will often times have a contest running, this is where they will be held, as well as on the Sporum. While the stickies are reserved for VCC hosted contests, feel free to host your own contest and if it gets large enough it will be stickied.

As with that, our current contest is...

The VCC's Planetary Scout Vehicle Challenge!

Your assignment is to create either an air or land scout vehicle to scope out an unknown planet. Try following these guidelines to success:

Guidelines for making your ground vehicle:

1: Your vehicle should able to traverse nearly any terrain.
2: Your vehicle should be near impervious to damage from almost any liquid, including most acids and water. Especially water.
3: Your vehicle should be able to operate in moderately deep water.
4: Your vehicle should be able to have enough power to pull itself up a 90 degree grade, this is a theoretical circumstance to ensure that it can in fact scale any terrain.
5: Your vehicle should be durable, it should be able to survive a 20 foot drop and still be operable.
6: Your vehicle should have enough fuel to run at idle for at least 100 hours, and enough backup fuel for another 100 hours of idling.
7: Your vehicle should be able to carry a small crew.
8: Your vehicle should be operable in extreme cold and extreme heat, as well as normal conditions.
9: Your vehicle should have a top-notch build, this includes powerful suspension and strengthened drivetrains.
10: Your vehicle should be STABLE at high pitches. It should not be top heavy and if it has a high center of gravity, this can be counterbalanced by a widened frame.
11: Your vehicle should have fixings for basic defense/offense and clearing of paths. Remember, your vehicle will be deployed to an unknown planet with a live crew, you will be the first to explore, there may be hostile natives.
12: Your vehicle should be quick and handle easily, even on rough or inconsistent terrain.
13: Your vehicle should be sturdy, it must have a good solid build and not come apart under stress.
14: Your vehicle should be grounded, by this we mean that it should have either wheels, treads, rotation augers, skids, or legs, or any combination of these methods of propulsion. Hovering/repulsorcraft are fickle and unstable on steep grades.
15: Your vehicle should be able to carry a small payload of supplies and samples from the environment.
16: Lastly, your vehicle should not have oversized windows, too much glass leads to a weak framework of your vehicle and thus creates potential for structural damage.

Guidelines for your air vehicle:

1: Your vehicle should be able to take off and land from a small spot and should not require a runway.
2: Your vehicle should be stable in high winds.
3: Your vehicle should be rugged and sturdy.
4: Your vehicle should be able to run for 100 hours and carry enough fuel for another 100 hours.
5: Your vehicle should be able to either enter the atmosphere itself from space or be dropped out of a cargo transport.
6: Your vehicle must be able to carry a small crew and their supplies.
7: Your vehicle should be able to land on water if it has to.
8: Your vehicle should be easy to control, fast and effective.
9: Your vehicle should be armed for offensive/defensive measures.
10: Your vehicle should be able to operate in extreme cold and extreme heat, as well as normal conditions.
11: Your vehicle should be able to operate at very high altitudes and very low altitudes.
12: Your vehicle must have a solid structure.

All creations must pollinate, so no freedom cheats. Creations must be tagged with "VCCScoutChallenge".

The above statements are simply guidelines, they do not necessarily determine whether or not your craft is allowed to be entered, they do however, determine how we judge your vehicle. Remember, your vehicle is going to be deployed to a planet that no space faring race has ever been to, you need to be prepared to interact with the local wildlife or lack thereof. The vehicle needs to be able to handle anything that nature-or natives-throws at it.

Like these:

Air and Ground Vehicles categories will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes which include custom trophies made by Atari Method.

All creations will be entered into VCC's Scout Vehicle sporecast

Enter as many creations as you like. All entries must be in by May 15, 2010. Enter by contacting M5000 or AtariMethod on the Sporum Thread, Sporum Private Messages, Intergalactic Forum Private Messages, This thread, or drop a comment on one of our creations.

Have fun =]
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The VCC Scout Vehicle Challenge!
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