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 New Sporum security measures coming.

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PostSubject: New Sporum security measures coming.   Mon Apr 26, 2010 7:39 pm

MaxisCactus has announced something very important in the Sporum thread "I'm Sorry, But This is Ridiculous":

Quote :
MaxisCactus: Hey guys,

I know all this spam is super frustrating. Some measures we're taking to help reduce spam:

- New 10,000 day suspension (our old permaban system wasn't effectively secure against multiple persona attacks)
- SporeMaster 7 day suspension privs added
- We're currently scouting for some new SporeMasters to bring on board
- EA_Isledyr and EA_Bgy-11 will be jumping on the forum to help deal with the spammers.

Hang in there and thanks for your patience as we fight the good fight.



This is very good to know that they are taking measures against the spam as the Sporum is now recieving daily spam attacks. Hopefully these measures will keep the Sporum under control. Cool


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New Sporum security measures coming.
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