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 Kingdom of the Vraxx(Queen and 11 parliament Spots Open!!!)

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Kingdom of the Vraxx(Queen and 11 parliament Spots Open!!!) Empty
PostSubject: Kingdom of the Vraxx(Queen and 11 parliament Spots Open!!!)   Kingdom of the Vraxx(Queen and 11 parliament Spots Open!!!) I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 04, 2010 6:32 am

The Vraxx are a mystery,
A mysterious antigorg,
As they rebuilt society,
They became much like the borg.

The Vraxx have a lifetime of 2,100 years, a long time. They have the strangest of all resources and inventions, besides the typical UFOs other spacefarers have: Cybernetic Enhancements, Dead Civilizations, Dead Creatures, and +-CQNE, which they feed off of. The Vraxx were once a highly barbaric race of insectoids, thought to have disappeared millions of years ago. Instead, on the Wave of the +-CQNE, they were gentically altered, their brains growing larger, more powerful. They are Divided into Four categories:

1) Creators: The Highest authority, 2nd to the queen. They create new forms of technology, harvested, or more like assimilated, from other species. They are highly aware, and are not to be bothered. They are known for Short Temper.

2) Workers: The Middle Authority, Workers do the Working at the Queen's Youth Processing Stations. They are Paradoxes, Constantly shifting into higher positions on the rank. If they are at lowest, they are to move up. If at highest, they are either assigned as testers schedule for parliament life or as creators.

3) Testers: A massive paradox, they are Guinea Pigs for the Enhancements, and when tested upon, are either brought to death, or are the royal parliament to the Queen.

4) Queen: A cybernetically enhanced paradox, she is a massive cross between the Borg Queen, a Spider, and a Termite Queen. Her Body is that of a human with eight tight legs, widely sprawled across her throne, a large sandy cave. Her Thorax is completely cyber body, complete with an ExoPlating. Her head is a near-exact copy of the borg queen's very own, but with Darker, nearly red-tinged eyes. Her Abdomen is just like that of a Termite Queen, Housed in a huge youth processing center, where Workers place babies into the 3, poisonous hyperincubators, where they are taken into a cyberplant, have them cyber-altered and are then turned into the Job format they need to be. The Queen also, when creating a new city, has to leave her nesting throne and spin an entire geocity out of Rhechari Fibers, Har Fibers similar to that of the Borg Cube's material. She Feeds on artificially Produced +-CQNE to give birth. Painless birth, at about 2 per second. Also, the Queen is an eternal monster, and has never been hurt.

Other ones that aren't good for any use are the Undecideds, who serve as birthmothers or fathers, scouts, etc.

Their Personality is a Collective Consciousness, but the queen has a mind of her own.
Their Habitat: Underground, sprawling across the entire underground area.


Category: (only one Queen)(12 parliament)
Description: Has to look like a cross between human, borg and any bug you want(Delete that after reading)
Location: (Loccinar Quadrant, Bremenar Quadrant, Frarmenar Quadrant, Vemeradar Quadrant)

My Form

Name: K'mavousus
Age: 820
Category: Parliament
Enhancements: ExoShell, Left Eye Replaced, Right Legs
Description: Tick, Me, Locutus
Gender: Male
Location: Loccinar Quadrant, Queen's Octant
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Kingdom of the Vraxx(Queen and 11 parliament Spots Open!!!)
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