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 European Club Thread Backup

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PostSubject: European Club Thread Backup   Tue May 18, 2010 4:02 pm

The European Club

made by Bwnci

The old thread has become badly glitched, so this new thread has been started - Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Logo by Kiddi96------HQ by Andeavor-----Mascot by Loveskin

EuroSpore Forum
European Club Chatroom
European Club Sporecast

Yes, there is a European Forum, however, it seems to be the general opinion that the forum is badly organised and underpopulated (now, yes, the second reason maybe because we're all here, but the first reason is why we are here).

This "Club" is so that the Europeans on this site can exchange creations, ideas and the like in a friendly and comfortable environment. To qualify as a member you must either be from a European country, or live in one. All non-Europeans are welcome to comment, but we politely ask that you do not promote your own creations here (unless it is to do with a contest open to all) or has a European theme or inspiration.

1) No flaming, trolling or spamming.
2) Please keep banter against other clubs of this nature to friendly please.
3) Try not to double post, please use the edit button where necessary.

This thread CAN be necro'ed

I take almost every comment with a pinch of salt on the sporum, I think two things need to happen.

1) People giving comments need to consider how what they say can be interpreted.
2) Those receiving comments should stop assuming the worst.

There will be contests, and some will be open to ALL, some will not.


The European Club will be celebrating it's first birthday soon, so to celebrate, we are going to runa contest. Yur task, should you choose to accept it, will be to create a creation in honour of this achievement.


Create something to signify or celebrate the FIRST birthday of The European Club. This can be almost anything, some creatures clebrating, some artwork, a building, even a spaceship. This is a very open ended contest, with the simple theme of The European Club's first birthday.


1) All editors are available except CELL.
2) All expansions and patches are also allowed, but please bare in mind that not everyone will be able to see your creation properly if they do not have the part.
3) Add the tag: euroclubbday1
4) A limit of three entries per person.
5) Open to everyone, even the judging panel (see Judging details below)
6) Must be no older than 28th April 2010
7) be creative and have fun.

Deadline: The dealine will be 28th May 2010

Judging: Right, the judges will be the Moderation team of EuroSpore (Vektrix, Rebecca1208, Andeavor, AapBurger and Axell13). They will choose a shortlist of entries to be put forward for final judgement on The European Club thread on the sporum.

Check back for judging updates soon.

Prizes: Depending on the number of entries, will depend on what and how many trophies will be available. There will be no other prizes such as comments and the like, just the kudos, and the reccomendation from me for a Maxis Feature for any of the category winners.

Check for prize updates soon.

To enter: Just post your creation in this thread and/or on The European Club thread on the sporum.

Above all, have fun, I await your entries eagerly.

Trophy by Arkanay

If you place in the top three of a contest, Andeavor will customise this trophy to the contest and post it here 👍

Featured Member

<Another Feature coming Soon>

Feel free to suggest features. Suggesting yourself will be frowned upon.

Member List

Membership card by Arkanay

Loveskin, v_ware, Tortelo, Clixe, Geltati
Sarche, hellboy771, Santari
MSCE5 (Achnos), Cyana
Vektrix (CarterVision / Vekoboy / SporeMasterVek), Billith, Psychichazard, DragonFish, Kakuru, Rebecca1208 (Necromantic Soul / Blooded Soul), Mysteryem, MrAlex92, MetalStarTech, arastoph, HaloAngel, TheMrZ, MattH100, ShadowsoulX, Pasadema, evilpenguinqueen, Jomeaga, Tyrannodon, BurningEffigy, Kasander, Thomas1134, bmpalmann (Remyxomatosis), Red-Indigo, pias1, scott08, fluxtrox, xDoomsoulx, Nidking, Froststar, 96joe123, Argrathon, Ghelae, CopperLou (SporeMasterCopper), Shrooblord, Abyssillatus, Icarusvogel, MarkyDMan, MrThornton
Doomnova, juhhmim, Skidd777, TanjaH, Luxina
SimHB, Olaaaf, ElFiaxo, Ecko09, axell13, Topusix, Creagenese, Serird, Rinoken, Dylanstrategie, Lordyk
Chaoskampfkeks, Mystfan, MaxGraphix (MasterVoodroid), Famulus, DH106, Himmelslaub, Kuzuki, werderfan2012, thezethrock, Supernova75, Miguel1337, Crainy, Kismet-Scar, Sethan777, Katiilein, ArticShock
ChaosHarbinger (SporeMasterMidas), warmslime (SporeMasterSlime), Zavior, N-Gin_Creator
ComTek (Kiddi96 / BigFatSanta / HyperSmash), EpicGrox
tirhc, AapBurger, Avtje, Hermes888, Bazziebanaan, Bonja, Remypas, tootall, bluesky's, The_Dutch_Guy, Aegonian, RemyPas
cwarloe, Icedmask
Arkanay, rungan Escuridão
Republic of Ireland
YourBreakfast, piePiepie, tuytr, Hawkbird2000, ALPHAJJ96
Egor Chubarov, DMD_MDM_Mar, Ge1iON, mysticdragon159
Uburian, SandraMJ
Andeavor, ST33L3Y, TALK2myHAND
Annadess, Vvolodymyr

Ambassadors: (People from other countries that are "Part" of the establishment {via my choosing or nomination} (and yes, nicked that from the American Thread Very Happy - they did nick a whole paragraph from here 😉 .

TheDinoMakr: North American Club Founder
Sh4d0wAsSaUlT: North American Club 2nd President
Electocutor325: North American Club 3rd President
Pyjamaman: Aussie (and New Zeland) Club Founder -Club is dead, but pyjamaman is still considered an ambassador-
Tomanomanous: Rest of the World Club Founder

Honorary Members: (People from other countries, whom have shown dedication to keeping this thread alive and have actively participated here for some time). These members have almost all the same priveleges as regular members, but we ask that they do not enter contests that are members only, thank you!

Zellex, Reyes1
United States of America
LordofDestiny, rocketdog1234, Blazeer, Zaroas, sjhorm

Banned Individuals
None at Present

NB: Please note, there are now FOUR SporeMasters who are members of The European Club.


Moderators keep control in the thread, and in the abscene of me, keep track of new members. Mods are also allowed to bump this thread if that is deemed necessary.



Early Creature Editor

Creature Editor
Arkanay (Horror)
Bwnci (Cartoon Recreations)
Rebecca1208 (Dragons)
Vektrix (Prehistoric Animals)

Outfit Editors
arastoph (General)

Building Editors
Andeavor (Realistic)
Arkanay (Horror)
rungan (Realistic)

Vehicle Editors
AapBurger (Statues / Art)

Spaceship Editor


Discussion Threads

Spore Update Ideas - Tell us yours
Arkanay has created this thread so that people can make suggestions on how to improve, update and patch GA.

The Next Expansion
YourBreakfast has created this thread so people can suggest ideas for the next expansion.

Advertisers Section
To advertise your thread, either post a link and explanation here, or PM me.

PS- Pinnacle Sigs
Run by Bwnci, pinnacle sigs produces spore related artwork, including sigs, banners and wallpapers - featuring Hyacinthe.

Vektrix's Contests
Run by Vektrix (yeah, that's me), you can enter a contest run exclusively by me, trophies, comments and buddies are just some of the prizes to be had..

Blazeer's Buddy System
Run by Blazeer, this is place where you can share your creations and the members help each other to improve their creations. You do not have to buddy all the other members.

Previous Contests

GA Propset Contest

by rungan------------------by Vektrix-------------by Arkanay
European Landmark as a Spaceship

by Andeavour------------by Rebecca1208---------by Mystfan
Macot Contest

by Loveskin--------------by SimHB--------------by AapBurger
HQ Contest

by Andeavour--------------by v_ware-------------by Vektrix


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European Club Thread Backup
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